Hotel #2

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Spring, 2017

Holly Pester
‘This big bit cradle’
Wayne Koestenbaum
‘#2 (elegant toplessness stoned in stairwell’
Mary Margaret Rinebold
Linh Dinh
‘No Soup for You’
Ingo Niermann
‘The Kapellmeister’
Thom Andersen 
Julia Drescher
Victoria Manifold
SJ Fowler
Three Poems
‘Truncates Tractatus,’ ‘Fancy Thoughts’
& ‘I Called Ciara Allen’s Swamp Monkey for Years’
Alice Butler
‘A Love Letter to a Klepto’
Will Eaves
‘The Class of All Unthinkable Things’
Nicole Mauro
Amanda DeMarco
‘Minor Episodes’
& an epigram from Joshua T. Howell

Edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick, John Dunn
& Dominic Jaeckle

Designed & Typeset by Niall Reynolds