Hotel #3

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Summer, 2017

Martin Jackson
‘It's really very easy to do these days’
Nick Cave
‘Four Cities’
Duncan White
'After the Crash'
Juliet Escoria
‘West Virginia to New York’
Jasmine Parker
‘Mass-Produced Poetry’
Hanya Yanagihara 
in conversation with Holly Brown
Kim Sherwood
‘Travelling in Grey Space’
Gordon Lish
Four Stories
‘Didn't We Just Hear Something Human Fall?,’
‘Joke-Time, or that Other Word, Jape,’
‘Make Night: Heidegger’
& ‘Bamford or Bust!’
Rowan Evans
Four Poems
‘Ithaca,’ ‘Seventy Two,’ ‘Tourist Song’ & ‘Hyrule Theory’
Owen Booth
‘The War’
Frederic Tuten & José Antonio Suárez Londoño
Imogen Reid
‘The Waiting Room’
Pierre Senges
translated by Jacob Siefring
selections from Études de Silhouettes
Mark Kozelek
‘Common as Light and Love...’
Jack Robinson
‘Eternal City’
Aram Saroyan
& an epigram form Olivier Castell

Edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick, John Dunn
& Dominic Jaeckle, with Holly Brown

Designed & Typeset by Niall Reynolds