Hotel #4

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Spring, 2018

Rebecca Tamás
‘St. Joan in Idaho’
John Yau
‘Fortunes, Favourite Sayings, & Assorted Sundries’
Lucy Sante
'Dear Messiah'
David Kishik
‘Terms of Service’
Scott McClanahan
‘Sarah [No.3]’
Pascal Richmann 
translated by Amanda DeMarco
‘Smoke of the World'
Jim Hugunin
‘(Two Verbal) Photographs’
Nona Fernández
translated by Ellen Jones
Richard Scott & Vala Thorodds
‘Come (After Paul Verlaine)’
Bill Callahan
‘13 Letters to Emma’
Jason Shulman
‘Bad Science’ (a conversation with Dominic J. Jaeckle)
Oliver Goldstein
‘The Virgil Hunter Love Sequence’
Leah Sophia Dworkin
‘Tuesday at Six?’
Iris Smyles
‘Philip & Penelope in a Variety of Tenses’
Livia Franchini & Serena Braida
Three Reactive Poems
‘On Complicity, Cha-Cha’ & ‘Your Mouth’
Daniele Pantano
‘Twilight of the Poet’
Veronica Scott Esposito
‘Rothko Chapel’
Hisham Bustani
translated by Maia Tabet
‘Quantum Leap’
Carol Mavor
‘Like Water in Water’
Mark Kozelek
‘Yellow Kitchen’
David Lowery
‘A Housewarming Party’
Joanna Rafael Goldberg
& an epigram from ‘Britain's most isolated cartoonist,’
Jonathan Chandler

Edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick
& Dominic Jaeckle, with Charles Boyle & "Il Padrino"

Designed & Typeset by Niall Reynolds