Hotel #5

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Summer 2019

Isabel Galleymore
Two Poems
‘Spirit Human’ & ‘Are We There Yet?’
Aidan John Moffat
Georgia Haire
Two Poems
‘Washed Up’ & ‘Dark Meat
Hélène Frédérick
translated by Jacob Siefring
‘Tooth & Nail’—A Credit History
John Divola
‘As Far as I Could Get’
Ralf Webb
Two Poems
'Now I Really Am O.K.'
& 'Travelling Alone is My Favourite Sickness'
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa [芥川 龍之介―澄江堂主人]
translated by Ryan C.K. Choi
‘In Karuizawa’ (circa 1925)
Carla Maliandi
translated by Frances Riddle
Jenny Hval
translated by Marjam Idriss
‘The Lighthouse’
Noémi Lefebvre
translated by Natacha Lasorak & Sophie LEWIS
‘Doubts about Debt’—A conversation-for-two
John Holten & Jonathan Monk
‘A Number of Points Randomly Connected...’
Rachel Kass
‘Babi Yar’
Nicolette Polek
‘The Rope Barrier’
Raul Guerrero
'Menu of the Future’
Daisy Lafarge
Two Poems
‘throttle song’ & ‘nothingness is the scene of wild activity’
(after Karen Barad)
Joshua Cohen
‘(Nine Notes from) A Diary’
Jack Underwood
Three Poems
‘Lovesong for Mascha,’ ‘In Macha’s Room Plus Melancholy’
& ‘Last Song Mascha’ (after Mascha Kaléko)
Stanley Schtinter
‘We Have Come to Let You Out’
—Looking for Brion Gysin in the last museum
Four Poems
‘Chirologia,’ ‘Divination,’
‘Demiurge’ & ‘Zero’
Ariana Reines
(A piece of) ‘Miss St’s Hieroglyphic Suffering’
P. Adams Sitney
‘The Narrative Voice of Moby Dick’
—A distillation of Prof. Meanie’s discourse
John Saul
(On) ‘Not Being Leonardo Da Vinci’
Jeffrey Vallance
A scatological eschatology entitled ‘Holy Shit!’
Sophie Seita
An excerpt from a work-in-progress called ‘The Gracious Ones’
—A philosophical ballet-in-pieces
Agustín Fernández Mallo & Pere Joan
translated by Thomas Bunstead
—A sequence of squares and gutters called ‘That’s It?’
SJ Fowler & Iain Sinclair ‘(After) Animal Drums’
& an epigram from Sandro Miller

Edited by Thomas Chadwick, Jon Auman
& Dominic Jaeckle

Designed & Typeset by Niall Reynolds