Hotel #6


Spring, 2020

Glykeria Patramani
‘The Hare’
Imogen Cassels
Four Poems—   
‘Felicity,’ ‘Two Types of the Same Return,’
‘Moss’ & ‘Sketch for a’
Will Oldham
Seven Pages
Diego Fonseca
translated by Ellen Jones
‘Noise : Silence’
Hao Guang Tse (謝皓光)
‘This morning I woke up with a quick laugh like the sun’
Geoffrey Mak 
Astrid Alben
Five Poems
‘Collateral Damage,’ ‘The First People' (For Marlene Dietrich),’
‘Coping Strategies,’ ‘Words to Say it,’
& ‘And God Became a Monkey’ (For Hannah Höch)
Nathan Dragon
Sarah Boulton
Three Pages
Sascha Macht
translated by Amanda DeMarco
Five Columns
Hannah Regel
Four Poems
‘Making Sausages,’ ‘Mermaid Outing,’
‘Butterfield’ & ‘Marissa’
Andrew Lampert
‘Twenty-Three & Me’
Emmanuel Iduma
‘Notes on Happiness’
Lotte LS
‘Synapses, Between’
Amanda DeMarco
‘Other People’
‘The Translation’
Multiple Metamorphoses
A translation of extant translations
of a story by
Franz Kafka
Hannah Williams
Lauren de Sá Naylor 
‘The Splendor & Effluence of the Motorway’
Jen Calleja
‘A Questionnaire’
An excerpt from a work-in-progress
Cass McCombs
Two Poems
‘A Public Mural’ & ‘The Truckdriver & Malverde’
Rachel Genn
‘Dreamy Idiotic Visions of the Future’
Emmanuelle Pagano
translated by Sophie LEWIS & Jennifer HIGGINS 
‘The Automatic Tour Guide’
Lauren Elkin
‘Silent B’
Clemens Meyer
translated by Katy Derbyshire 
‘The Return of the Argonauts’
& an epigram from Wayne Koestenbaum

Edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick
& Dominic Jaeckle

Designed & Typeset by Niall Reynolds